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In the market, there are various types of crusher equipment used in different industries to meet crushing needs, but here we will talk about all stone crusher equipment. How does a stone crusher plant work and what stone crushers are available in the market. Types of crushing equipment available and types of equipment meeting requirements.


The early crusher device was a one-stop installation activity, but now as the demand changes, the technology, design, input, output, and capacity of the crusher device have all changed. International brands are constantly updating their products with technology, digitization and artificial intelligence.


Let’s figure out what a rock crusher plant actually does.


“The stone crusher plant is a machine specially used to crush large stones, granite, marble, and limestone into smaller sizes and output materials of different sizes such as gravel and dust.”


Stone crusher plants are used all over the world. It has different capacities, designs and practical functions.


The purpose of the crusher


The stone crushing industry is a stone crushing industry that produces raw materials for infrastructure projects such as roads, highways, bridges, and canals. All projects are considered infrastructure work at the core of economic prosperity.


Crusher units are not alone. Along with these plants, stone mining is also associated. In fact, quarrying is the primary activity and crushing plants are a secondary activity that can be considered.


Raw materials used in crushing plant


For crushed coal, stone, granite, limestone, basalt, river rock, andesite calcite, millstone, glass and ferrous materials.


Crusher equipment capacity


The production capacity of the stone crusher plant is from 50 tons per hour to 600 tons per hour (tons per hour). This plant can produce 8 different materials. In order to get different materials, you also need to separate different materials according to customer or market needs with screening devices.


stone crusher factory work


The raw material gradually enters the crusher through the vibrating feeder, and the crusher crushes the material into different pieces. The material is conveyed from the crusher to the belt conveyor for secondary crushing, and then enters the vibrating screen device. Vibrating screen plants separate high-quality and qualified materials to final products.


And transport the unqualified materials back to the crusher for reprocessing. The material then goes through the above process again. Customers get the materials they need in standard quality and different sizes.


Finally, the dust generated throughout the process needs to be controlled by different equipment.


Types of Rock Crusher Plants


Crushing plants utilize a wide range of equipment to make whole stone crushing plants. It consists of screen, feeder, unloader, conveyor, hopper, separator, crusher.


Crusher is an important part of the whole equipment. Other devices are completely dependent on this. All other supporting equipment will be installed according to the capacity of the crusher equipment.


Get quality products from your crusher. We need to pass it through three types of crushers in stages. The direct material for the first primary crusher comes from the mine. The secondary crusher processes the material that has been crushed by the primary crusher to reduce the particle size of the material, and the tertiary crusher further reduces the particle size of the material. The manufacturer gets the required dimensions. can be further supplied to users.

Jaw Crusher

A jaw crusher is a compression crusher used to break rock between two heavy steel jaws. The movable jaw presses the material on the fixed jaw and crushes the material according to the required size. The substance flows from the bottom of the jaw.


The jaw crusher can be adjusted to achieve a certain effect. You can change the size as you want the output and the bottom frame to adjust.


Cone crusher


Cone crushers are also called gyratory crushers. A cone crusher is also a type of compression machine that reduces, squeezes, or compresses material between a moving piece of steel and a stationary piece of steel. After the material passes through the cavity, it passes through the bottom of the machine.


Why we call it a cone crusher, because there is a piece of steel in the cone design inside the crusher. That tapered designed tray crushes the material.


Material enters the feeder from above and discharges from below. Cone crushers generally convey material at a ratio of 4:1 or 6:1. The pictures below will clear more cone crushers for you.


Cone crushers are available in a fixed, mobile and portable design. Whatever the design and material needs, you need to buy.


Roller Crusher


Roller crushers squeeze material between two rotating metal columns whose axes are parallel to each other and are separated according to the desired result.


It consists of two oppositely driven cylinders mounted on a horizontal axis. The gap between the two cylinders can be adjusted according to the desired result. Usually both cylinders are lined with manganese steel.


Compared with other crushers, the proportion of roller crushers is low. The reduction ratio of the roller crusher is 2.5:1. Roll crushers are not recommended for abrasive materials.


  1. Double roll crusher. 2. Single roll crusher. The name itself says that you are all staff. The double-roll crusher is equipped with two cylinders, and the single-roll crusher has only one cylinder, which moves in one place, and a horizontal shaft is attached between the cylinder and the inner body to grind the material.



In the crusher, it is generally equipped with double crushers. As long as the material is soft compared to stone, their single roll crusher can be used.


Impact crusher


Impact crushers process material through compression and force between two surfaces to crush material that is sandwiched between the two. The material is contained in a chamber that opens from the bottom as expected.


There are two types of impact crushers


Horizontal Shaft Crusher (HSI Crusher)



In the chamber, the shaft is placed in a horizontal manner, HSI crushers are known for their high reduction ratio, especially when processing soft and medium hard materials.


Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher (VSI Crusher)


Vertical shaft impact crushers are generally used in the final stage. VSI looks like a cone crusher from the outside, but the working style is different in both of them. In a vertical shaft crusher, the shaft is placed vertically.


These are all types of crushers used to crush stones. According to your product needs, you can choose a crusher, of course other factors will also affect the decision.



Stone Crusher Equipment Selection Standards


Production Requirements – What are your actual production requirements. Many times, companies set up factories exclusively for specific projects. So you need to consider the overall project requirements.


Alternatively, if you are set up for the supply of local construction needs, then you should look at the needs of your production materials.


Ore Properties – Material you want to crush or output you want. This can really affect your decision, for example if you need a fine product then you might go for a drum crusher. So depending on the material you need, you need to set up the factory.


Operational considerations – Operational considerations mean you may have operational constraints, such as location. The location may be operationally constrained or labor constrained. Plants can be near your mining, reducing your transpiration cost, but you may not allow it.


Capital Cost – You also need to consider the impact of different brands, capacities, and types of crushers on capital investment. Which crusher will fit within my budget and adequately fill my requirements.


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