BTMA–Some Knowledge About High Efficiency 1200×4500 Model ball mill for gold processing plant


Ball mills are mainly used for single-stage fine grinding, regrinding and the second stage in two-stage grinding circuits. According to the needs of customers, the ball mill can have two designs of wet or dry. The standard size of the final product of the ball mill is between 0.074mm and 0.4mm in diameter.


Working principle of ball mill


The ball mill motor drives the rotating cylinder through the reducer and the rotation of the surrounding large gears or directly drives the cylinder to rotate with the rotation of the surrounding large gears.


The cylinder is filled with suitable grinding media – grinding balls or steel bars. They rise to a certain height under the action of centrifugal force and friction, and then descend in a state of descent or drainage.


The material to be ground is continuously fed to the drum from the material port, and then crushed by the movement of the grinding medium. Finally, through the overflow strength and continuous feeding, the material is discharged, so as to enter the next step.


Advantages of ball mill


  1. Suitable for grinding materials with high hardness


  1. The shape of the final product is round


  1. The ceramic ball has no pollution to the powder


  1. Stable performance and easy installation


  1. Capacity and fineness can be adjusted by adjusting the diameter of the ball.



Energy-saving 1200×4500 ball mill is the price of grinding machine for gold processing factory from the factory



  1. The thickness of the barrel end flange is 45mm, with high concentricity and low failure rate.


  1. All fixing bolts are made of high-strength bolts, and equipped with PU pads and iron pads to prevent leakage.


  1. Larger size grinding head and main bearing, the life of the main bearing is not less than 5 years.


  1. The cross-sectional area of the inlet and outlet is increased by 50%, the thickness of the feed pipe can reach 12mm, and the service life can reach 15-18 months.


  1. Thicken the ten-byte coupling and use a flexible eight-hole disc to reduce the failure rate of the transmission part.


  1. High manganese, thick lining, wet grinding life can reach more than 3 years.


  1. The third-generation energy-saving motor is adopted, and the power consumption is reduced by at least 20%.

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