How to control the ball mill noise?

We are all familiar with many mechanical equipment, which may bring relatively loud noises. Mechanical equipment such as ball mills will also emit loud noises during construction, and most of the noise comes from the gap between steel balls and materials. It is caused by contact. If we are too close to the working ball mill, it will cause great harm to the human body.

So how can we control the noise impact of the wet mill Today we will introduce to you the specific method.

1. No. 5 asphalt with a thickness of five to ten millimeters can be mixed with asbestos wool on the outside of the wet mill. Because the asphalt damping slurry made with a ratio of five to two has large internal losses and internal friction, some suitable The energy generated by the vibration of the metal plate is converted into heat energy and is consumed, and the natural noise radiation is reduced.

2. Some anti-wear and anti-corrosion rubber can be used inside the cylinder of the pulp mixing wet mill to replace raw materials. Because rubber has a certain elasticity. When the steel ball impacts it, it will produce a certain deformation, and the life of the rubber lining is two to three times longer than that of the manganese steel lining, and the noise is reduced by 10 to 20 decibels.

3. And the operators can also be protected by wearing helmets and earplugs, etc.

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