BTMA–Can the crusher handle wet materials

the crusher

The crusher converts the fruit tree pruning waste branches into biomass fuel. This allows for recycling and protection of the environment. Many people ask if this equipment can handle wet materials.

The crusher’s performance is affected by the moisture content. Different crushers have different requirements regarding the moisture content. A higher moisture content can hinder the process of materials. Below 6% moisture level will have a good effect on the processing. This has a huge impact on crusher work and can also have a significant impact on equipment output and performance.

Normal circumstances will result in the wood being fibrous when it is wet and hit with the hammer. If there are fibers, this will impact the performance of the hammer when processing. This crusher is effective. This will result in a lower efficiency. The output of the work will therefore be lower. The fiber in the middle of dry wood will be less than that of dry wood. Therefore, if the hammer or the blade hits the material, it can be easily crushed. The wood can then be ground more finely and can be used to meet the required output.

Although most crushers can be used dry, some materials are more water-intensive and require extra care when humidity is high. For some materials that are high in humidity, however, it is possible to dry them. It is important to choose the right wood crusher equipment.

The crusher should not be used for wet material processing. This will decrease the efficiency of the equipment’s processing and may cause damage to some parts. The wood can be dried first and then the crusher can be used for processing.

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