BTMA–Analysis and research on the crushing mode of the crusher machine

crusher machine

Although the crusher machine is a practical machine, thinking about its crushing method is still very valuable. Based on years of working experience, Benteng Mining Machinery summarizes as follows:

(1) Crushing: The ore is placed between two crushing surfaces, and after pressure is applied, the ore is crushed due to the compressive stress reaching the limit of its compressive strength.

(2) Splitting ballast: When squeezing the ore with a flat surface and a working surface with a sharp shuttle, the ore will split along the direction of the pressure line of action. The cause of splitting is due to the tensile stress on the splitting plane reaching or exceeding the tensile strength limit of the ore. The tensile strength limit of ore is much smaller than the compressive strength limit.

(3) Fracture: The ore is destroyed by bending. The crushed ore is the two or more fulcrum beams that bear concentrated loads. When the bending stress in the ore reaches the bending strength limit of the ore, the ore is broken.

(4) Grinding: After the pressure and shearing force between the ore and the moving surface, the shear stress reaches the limit of the shear strength of the ore, and the rock is crushed. The ground effect is low and the energy consumption is high.

(5) Impact crushing: The ore is crushed by the impact force of high-speed rotating parts. Its crushing force is instantaneous, and its crushing efficiency is higher than that of humans. It can significantly reduce consumption.

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