BTMA–Do you know how to choose a circular vibrating screen?


When choosing circular vibrating screen equipment, the first thing to consider is the type of material. In production, there are many kinds of materials, with great differences in hardness and performance. Common materials such as ore, sand and powder. When users choose the machine, they must make a reasonable choice according to the actual production situation, combined with factors such as the structure, water content, and characteristics of the material, in order to give full play to the advantages of the screen.

Actual production demand

The function of the vibrating screen is to remove impurities contained in the material, improve the quality of the material, and screen out qualified materials for further processing and use. Therefore, when users choose circular vibrating screen equipment, they must conduct comprehensive analysis in combination with their own production needs, screening grades, screening requirements, filtration grades, etc., communicate with merchants in time, and choose suitable circular vibrating screen equipment.

Production Output Size

For users, when choosing a circular vibrating screen, the production capacity of the production line must also be considered. There are many types , and the production capacity of different types of vibrating screens is also very different. Therefore, before choosing a  screen, users must understand the production capacity of the production line before purchasing. Pay attention to the screening accuracy and screening specifications of  machine when purchasing.

As a commonly used production equipment, it has greatly promoted the production of sand washing, sand making and mining. For users, it is very important to purchase vibrating screen equipment that meets their own production needs. Therefore, when users choose the screens, they should make more comparisons in combination with the actual situation.

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