BTMA–Do you know what is gold processing plant ?

Material introduction


Gold ore is divided into: alluvial gold ore, gold-bearing quartz vein gold ore, silver-rich ore, oxidized gold ore, iron sulfide gold ore, copper sulfide gold ore, arsenic sulfide gold ore, copper sulfide gold ore , antimony sulfide gold ore, polymetallic sulfide gold ore, telluride gold ore, carbonaceous gold ore, etc. According to the occurrence state of gold, it can be divided into independent natural gold, dispersed gold in gold-bearing minerals, fine gold in adsorption state, isomorphic replacement lattice gold or solid gold.


Gold Handling


Henan Benteng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Shen mine processing equipment. According to the needs of customers, we can provide a complete set of gold processing equipment. The company is committed to the research and development of gold ore beneficiation technology, and constantly develops the latest and high-performance solutions and designs for customers. 1. Advanced beneficiation principle and reliable operation. 2. Comprehensive performance improvement. 3. Easy maintenance and save time. 4. Large capacity and high efficiency. 5. The investment benefit is short.


Gold application


Because gold has good physical and mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and high chemical stability, it has a wide range of application prospects. Gold is white in color and easy to process, and it has been an ideal choice for making jewelry and decorations since ancient times; gold has high chemical stability, so it was used as currency a long time ago, and it is still the most important international currency until now; in modern industry Among them, gold is mainly used in the field of electronics; in the aviation industry, alloy gold will be used to manufacture spark plug electrodes in engines; because golden yellow has good light absorption properties and a reflectivity of 94.4%, it will be used in military defense Heat radiation from missiles and common heat sources; in the chemical industry, gold is used as a coating in steel pipes conveying corrosive substances; in the construction industry, gold is used as an advanced insulation medium for modern building windows; gold is also used in medicine for teeth Restoration; radioactive isotopes of gold can be used to diagnose and treat arthritis and cancer; gold foil can be used to treat burns and skin ulcers; in addition to the above uses, alloy gold will also be used to make components and contacts of instruments; For nibs. Alloy gold products have reliable performance and long service life.

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