BTMA–Do you know What is Rock Gold Processing Plant ?

Rock gold processing plant is the most effective old ore separation and recovery method in rock gold mines. Using two methods of gravity concentration and gold CIL (carbon leaching), the recovery rate can reach more than 95%. Gravity separation can separate the most simple coarse-grained gold ore, COFCO gold leaching and cyanidation can separate fine-grained gold and some gold tailings. It is the factory of choice for modern gold concentration and gold processing.


Gold processing equipment


The rock gold concentrator is mainly suitable for 1-7g/t grade gold ore and gold ore with large ore content: silver, platinum, copper, etc.

Because COFCO International has a better performance in extracting these minerals at the same time. BTMA Mining Machinery can assist you with component testing of your ore.

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Rock gold processing plant introduction


1、Crushing and grinding system


Raw gold ore→vibrating feeder→primary crusher→secondary crusher→vibrating screen→ball mill→spiral classifier→gravity separation→ball mill→cyclone group→thickener



2、The concentrated material enters 9 high-efficiency cyanide leaching tanks arranged step by step after crushing and grinding stages. The first 2 leaching tanks are used for cyanidation of gold paste, and the last 6 or 7 leaching tanks are used for countercurrent adsorption operation (cyanidation and activated carbon are added at the same time).


3、In the step of adding activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon (small pores, high activity, wear-resistant, renewable) specially selected by BTMA Mining Machinery Mineral Processing Design and Research Institute is added to the pulp, which can be dissolved and adsorbed according to the characteristics of gold and silver adsorption Gold and silver ions, forming gold-loaded carbon.



4、The vibrating screen and dewatering screen are the key equipment for the reverse movement of pulp and carbon. The filter press and high-frequency dewatering screen can effectively reduce the carbon wear on the surface of the vibrating screen and the continuous pumping process, reduce costs, and facilitate maintenance and operation.


The air lifter is used in the mixing process to make the slurry circulate in a small way. The air lift machine reduces the power consumption by 70%, makes the solid material suspended uniformly, the activated carbon wears less, and the gold recovery rate is high. It is an important equipment in the modern gold leaching plant.


5、The desorption electrolysis system uses a mixture of sodium cyanide and sodium hydroxide to perform high-temperature desorption and electrolysis of gold in gold-loaded carbon.


After removing sawdust and other sundries by washing machine, high temperature and high pressure desorption method (150 degrees, 0.5Mpa) is used to desorb gold, which can dissolve 99% of gold within 2-6 hours.


After the gold mud is obtained from the desorption electrolysis system, the gold mud enters the gold melting furnace and turns into gold bars.

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