BTMA-Do you know what the features of VSI crusher are ?

Among the mining machines and stone crushers, there are many kinds crushers that we can use, but do you know what the features of the VSI crusher are?



A special advantage of our vertical shaft impact crushers is their versatility. The same device can be set in conventional, semi-autogenous and fully autogenous modes. This is whaide the internal components. A semi-autogenous VSI will save a third of the wear cost compared to a conventional VSI, and a fully autogenous VSI will save a further third.





This crusher offers a very stable product and service, available in an equally stable and convenient configuration, and produces a manufacturing output of up to 500 tph. They are ideal tools for third and fourth category software and all kinds of secondary software.

The rock fed to the accelerator mechanism (table or rotor) of the crusher is thrown outward by centrifugal force towards the fixed anvil or mixed rock frame, 100% free from the impact of the whole body. The correct chamber configuration is application dependent on a fully authigenic crusher, the VSI element rotor and mixing ledge.


Rock-to-rock crushing takes place, enabling variable reduction ratios between 6/3:1. The crushing chamber is semi-rotary crusher with rotor and anvil, with self-rotating rotor and regular fixed anvil for special crushing and difficult products. With a feed size of 38-51mm, reduction ratios between 8:1 and 3:1 can be achieved. Conventional configuration, shoe upper + anvil, the optimal feed size is 152mm, and the ratio of 10:1 and 3:1 can be realized.



Precise Grading Handles


The primary crushing advantages of this product lie in precise gradation control; the manufacture of chips and asphalt aggregate fines; and meeting the stringent specifications required for current asphalt paving. Compared to traditional compression crushers, the autogenous structure of the VSI produces additional special material in a single production run. The autogenous rotor and mixed rock pattern provide the correct internal breaker geometry to optimize manufacturing at the lowest possible price.


Other noteworthy elements of the crusher include the feed tube inspection front door and a special, low maintenance lubrication technology. Externally adjustable, reversible and replaceable feed tubes allow for quick, on-the-fly adjustments, although the inspection front door is on the lid for the best quick access to the shock chamber. The bearing real estate of this VSI runs in essential oil lubrication technology, so maintenance on the bearing and real estate is minimal and hassle-free, lubricated every eight hours, if necessary with other equipment.




Safety is also an important aspect of the VSI crusher model, a hydraulically operated arm, called a ‘hydra-arm’, acts as an alternative on the unit, lifting and rotating the crusher cover, allowing truly risk-free and hassle-free access to the crushing chamber for crushing. maintain. Bolts mounted on the liner protect the surface area of the tub and cover for long-term use and require no welding for risk-free and quick maintenance.

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