BTMA–How do you maintain the parts of the crusher


Because the environment in which the crusher can use is harsh, so it can cause equipment damage. This can lead to significant maintenance costs and high-quality parts. This phenomenon can  cause by a lack of maintenance or regular maintenance. How do you maintain and maintain equipment parts?

1. Maintenance of the rotor

Centrifugal rotors can use to eliminate the need for stone pads, to be artificially forme from stones in order reduce wear on the machine. To reduce damage from the rotor’s imbalance, the throwing head can be inserte directly into the holes in the upper and lower discs. Then, use the screws to attach the outer and inner protective rings. To improve reliability and time-savings, the machine does not have to change between the outer and inner circles.

2, Bearing maintenance

The bearings of crusher equipment should be properly lubricate. A proper selection of oil and the right amount of additive should prevent the bearing from rising too much during operation. Also, the bearings must be cleane frequently to avoid excessive heat.

3. Maintenance of the spindle

The crusher should not be overloade during operation. This will cause excessive stress to the main shaft and cause it to crack. The main shaft’s life expectancy will be extende by reducing the impact load.

4. Maintenance of blow bars

When the wear-resistant coating on the blower’s surface is worn, replace it immediately with the protective layer. The blower can be reduce by lighter wear on its middle and the blowers on either side.

5. Maintenance of the hammer

To reduce weight errors on both sides, it is important to use the correct method of installing or replacing the hammerhead of the crusher equipment. The rotor must be balance after installation. To avoid stones from hitting the hammer, the distance between the hammer head & the impact liner must be acceptable. The head should not be worn.

This is maintenance work on the main parts. It requires that we pay particular attention to wear and tear in normal use. We also need to replace worn parts immediately. Regular maintenance can reduce wear between parts and help to lower production costs.

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