BTMA–How does gold wet pan mill machine extract gold?

Working principle

A Gold wet pan mill is a machine that uses the principles of gravity and hydraulics for beneficiation, first break the ore into smaller particles, and then separate the impurities in the ore and minerals, with different weights through the action of water flow, and finally extract gold.

Process of Development

Of course, the development process of the wet pan mill is also very tortuous. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Gold wet pan mill was a very primitive piece of equipment that was so inefficient that it could only extract a fraction of the gold. However, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the gold grinding machine has also been greatly improved and developed, and its efficiency has been greatly improved, and more gold can be extracted.


At the same time, the application of the the machine is not limited to the extraction of gold ore, it can also be used to extract other metal minerals such as silver and copper. This not only brings convenience to industrial production, but also brings more resources to our life.

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