BTMA-How does the impact crusher work ?

Impact Crushers create material reduction by providing a sudden impact force,  causes the material to shatter along all the weakest fissures in the stone. Controlling the flow of the material through the Impact Crusher, this requires features that vary from one style of impactor to another.

And this is what separates BTMA  from the other manufacturers. Essentially, the material enters the crushing chamber along a controlled feed angle.

A spinning rotor assembly strikes the stone with a predetermine  force sufficient to cause fragmentation. The trajectory of the material is then controll to divert the flow back into the rotor circle, where the hammers (blowbars) continue to impact the material.

Adjustable curtains or similar means are use to adjust the retention.Of the material flow. For improve output material characteristics.

The impact material flow then exits the crusher through the base frame.

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