BTMA-How Much Do You Know About The Double Roll Crusher?

As a professional stone crusher manufacturer in China, we produce all capacity roll crushers.

Double Roll crushers are the most common type of roll crushers. The crusher machine uses two opposite rotating rollers to crush the material.

It is composed of an electric motor, support, a fixed roller, a movable roller, a safety spring, etc.

With smooth and sawtooth surfaces. The bearings of the active rollers can move along the frame which supported by strong safety springs. The bearing will remove out and spit out the article if the feed material is very hard. The roll surface has smooth type and sawtooth type.

Two Roll surface is smooth that mainly play the role of extrusion grinding crushing on the material.

And this equipment often uses for clay, coal, clinker.And limestone and other materials in the fine crushing work.

The roller surface with the sawtooth of the two rollers.

The machine mainly plays the role of cracking and tearing. Morever,the equipment is mainly to complete the bulk crushing of materials. The smooth surface of one roll and the sawtooth of the other roll that mainly to play the role of extrusion, bending and grinding on the material. This type of double-roller crusher mainly uses to crushing clay and coal.

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