BTMA-How to choose a right cone liner?

When we select the cone crusher liner, we can consider three factors of the output, power consumption and the liner wear resistance. According to the size of the feed, the change of the size, the distribution of the feed size, the hardness and wear resistance of the material to choose the liner.

Therefore, we need to know the points as follow:

The longer the liner, the higher the power consumption.

Choose a short liner for hard materials, choose a long liner for soft materials.

Choose a short liner for fine material and long liner for coarse materials.


In general, the materials that smaller than the closed edge discharge opening can not exceed 10% . If it exceeds 10% , the power consumption increases and the product granularity becomes flaky. The moisture content of viscous materials will affect the throughput of the material. So the moisture of the material is generally not more than 5 %.

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