BTMA–How to choose the crusher production line

crusher production line

How to choose a crusher production line has always been a problem that plagues many manufacturers. Based on years of experience in the industry, BTMA machinery summarizes it as follows for readers’ reference.

1. To understand the characteristics of the material in advance

The main considerations are: the hardness, humidity, and fragility of the material. Any material has different characteristics. For iron ore and copper ore, their hardness is different. Very big. There are also hematite, limonite, magnetite, siderite, etc. in iron ore, which also have different properties. Different materials have different internal structures, so the degree of fragility is also different. We have to choose different crushing methods in order to achieve a good crushing effect. For hard materials, it is more appropriate to choose a rock crusher that uses force as the main extrusion and impact coordination, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc.; for brittle materials, bending and impact are more advantageous, such as counter-attack crushing, Hammer broken and so on.

2. There are many models in the crushing market today

They have their own advantages in coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. Therefore, when configuring the crusher production line, it is necessary to clarify what the focus of the operation is. If coarse crushing is the main method, jaw crusher, hammer crusher or impact crusher can be selected, depending on the hardness of the ore. For medium crushing, cone crushers, hammer crushers or impact crushers can be used. For small and medium-sized mines, fine crushing jaw crushers can also be used. If used for fine crushing, you can choose a short-head cone crusher, or fine crusher, roller crusher, sand making machine, etc. It should be noted that before the material enters the grinding stage, the material should be crushed to a small particle size as much as possible, which can greatly reduce the cost of the grinding production line.

3. The feeding size of the stone material

It is also an important reference for limiting the choice of stone crusher. For example, the cone crusher has basically the same crushing capacity as the jaw crusher, but the feed size of the cone crusher is far less than that of the jaw crusher, so we can only choose the jaw crusher for rough crushing when the raw stone has a large particle size. (Head crushing), while cone crushers, hammer crushers, impact crushers, etc. can only be used as secondary crushing equipment (second crushing). The feed size of the sand making machine is smaller and usually only used as a third-level crusher. Crushing equipment (three broken). In addition, how can the crusher production line reach a good condition when it is put into use? The selection of the crusher of the beneficiation production line should also consider some of the conditions of the use site, including site foundation, raw material location, power supply, traffic conditions, etc. In short, a complete crushing production line configuration requires comprehensive consideration of all aspects, and each link must be thorough plan.

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