BTMA-How to get the better-finished particle shape ?


All the feeding conditions, crushing cavity type, and the crushing ratio will affect to get better-finished particle shape. In order to get a good production particle shape, we have to feed it correctly. The correct method of feeding is a full cavity, stable continuous feeding. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the cone crusher with a hopper or vibrating feeder. If not, it is almost impossible to feed continuously which also can’t get a better particle size.


How to improve the cone crusher efficiency closely consider the two parameters of efficiency and capacity. Improve efficiency, the capacity will reduce. Increase the capacity, the efficiency will reduce. But if you want to improve the efficiency, it must ensure the crushing head and drive system properly smooth working.


What cone crusher speed is right for me

The different speed of cone crusher applies to the different crushing application. Below are suggested guidelines:


Low speed which applies for secondary crushing, the jaw crusher for primary crushing.

Medium speed which applies for coarse feed such as gravel crushing

Standard speed which applies for tertiary crushing

High speed which applies for sand plant

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