BTMA–How to improve the crushing capacity of the roller crusher?

Roller crushers are widely used in coarse and medium crushing of brittle massive materials in industries such as cement, chemical industry, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, and coal mines.


The input particle size is large, the output particle size is adjustable, and it can crush materials with compressive strength ≤ 160MPa, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials. Today I will mainly introduce to you the details that need to be paid attention to in the production process of the crusher and how to improve production efficiency.


What precautions should be taken in the production of double roll crusher?




1、Install iron removal device.


Unbroken objects such as drill bits fall on the drum, which will reduce the probability of damage to the crusher. Therefore, the iron removal device must be installed before the crusher is used.


2、Routine maintenance.


Operators should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the roller crusher, and regularly add lubricating oil to each part to ensure that the equipment is in a good lubrication state.


3、Adjust the discharge port of the roller crusher.


After the roller crusher works for a long time, the roller surface wears too much, which will cause the product particle size to be too fine. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the maintenance of daily equipment and the adjustment of the discharge port.


4、Avoid crushing viscous and high-humidity materials.


Sticky substances can easily block the crushing space and cause machine failure.

5、Avoid putting multiple large pieces of material into the crushing chamber.


When the material is large, the stone roller crusher is not easy to crush. Since the large mining machine cannot be crushed, it will come out of the crushing cavity later, which is easy to cause personal injury and machine damage. The maximum feed size of the gear crusher is less than or equal to 500mm, and we should crush according to the requirements of the crusher.


How to improve the crushing efficiency of the roller crusher?



1、Select the appropriate rolling stone crusher model.


Appropriate equipment models can maximize the efficiency of the machine and obtain a good crushing effect. We choose the appropriate crusher model according to the recommendation of the sales staff.


2、Feed evenly.


During the working process of the high-efficiency roller crusher, the feeding should be uniform, and a large amount of feeding should not be sudden. The feed port can be installed with a high-precision distributor, so that the material falls on the entire width of the drum, reducing the load on the drum. Achieve uneven wear, save energy and reduce consumption.


3、Maintain proper roller spacing.


The distance between the rollers should be between 3 ~ 5mm. If the interval is too large, it should be repaired or replaced immediately, which will affect the crushing effect.


4、Control the moisture content of the material.


The water content should not be too high, generally should be controlled below 15%. Otherwise, mud balls will be formed, which will affect the crushing efficiency and crushing effect.

The above are the details that need to be paid attention to in the daily production of the roller crusher and how to improve production efficiency.

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