BTMA–How to improve the Production Capacity of Impact Crusher?

The impact crusher is a commonly used secondary crushing equipment. In addition to crushed limestone, it can also process materials with a compressive strength of 320 MPa and below, such as dolomite, marble, gypsum, shale, sandstone, etc. Impact crushers are available in various types of configurations depending on the type of raw material, size and finished material requirements.

The capacity of the impact crusher will directly affect the economic benefits of the entire production line.

How to effectively improve the production capacity of the impact crusher?

  1. Control the humidity of the material
  2. Pre-screening materials
  3. Reasonably increase the power of the main motor
  4. Properly increase the rotor speed
  5. The angle of the impact plate should be appropriate.

PF Series type impact crusher is our company’s best-selling crusher

The impact crusher equipment is highly efficient and energy-saving. The finished particle shape is cubic. It is semi-automatically operated and easy to maintain. The powerful moment of inertia and the impact force of the hammer head make the crushing rate higher and the crushing ratio larger. PF type impact crusher can be used for sand aggregate, construction waste, cement, metallurgy, electric power, etc.



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