BTMA–How to keep safety when we use jaw crusher?

Make sure a complete inspection before starting the jaw crusher. Be sure that the crushing chamber is clear. Refer to the Jaw Crusher Operation and Maintenance Manual for crusher daily start-up procedures.


Be sure that all guards and other safety devices are correctly installed and tightly secured before starting the crusher. Stay clear of rotating or moving parts during crusher operation.


Do not allow personnel to be on or near the crusher during operation. Stay clear of feed and discharge areas to prevent being injured or killed by flying rock.


Rock projected upwards through the feed opening can injure or kill. Do not look directly into the feed opening while the crusher is operating. Use mirrors or closed circuit cameras if close observation of the feed arrangement is necessary for trouble shooting or evaluation purposes.


Never attempt to clear jammed material from the crushing chamber while the crusher is operating. Serious injury or death could result if you are pulled into, or fall inside, the crushing chamber.


Never attempt to adjust the discharge setting during crusher operation. Always wait until the crusher is completely stopped before making any adjustments.


Do not tamper with crusher alarm components (if equipped). Never attempt to defeat electrical interlocks or to disable crusher protective devices.


Stay clear of pinch-point areas.


Never stand on hydraulic hoses or use them as steps. If hoses rupture, serious injury or death could result. As required, use a safety harness during servicing.


Always lockout/tag out power to the crusher drive motor and crusher oil lubrication system before performing any inspection, adjustment lubrication, maintenance or repair procedures. Also lockout power to all crusher feed and discharge equipment. Be sure pressure is fully relieved before servicing the crusher hydraulic system.


If the jaw crusher is powered by a diesel engine, al ways disconnect batteries and shut-off fuel supply before performing any inspection, adjustment, lubrication, maintenance or repair procedures. Lockout/tagout engine controls to prevent the engine from being accidentally started while the crusher is being serviced.


Always stop the jaw crusher immediately if an y gauges show abnormal readings, or if there is a sudden obvious change in operation. Be alert for noises that might indicate trouble.


Inspect, lubricate, maintain and repair the crusher in accordance with the instructions contained in this manual and any additional manuals or documentation provided with the crusher.

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