BTMA–How to maintain the cone crusher

cone crusher

How to maintain the cone crusher

1. The cone crusher should not be used if the material is too wet or contains a high water content.

2. It must be made at maximum capacity or the product particles will be too small.

3. It is important to change the lubricating oil regularly and keep it from getting too dirty. It can accelerate wear on gears, bushes with bowl-shaped shapes, bushings, and even cause bushings to fail if it gets too dirty.

4. It is important to check the fixed condition of slip rings frequently in order to avoid the possibility of large amounts of dust or ore entering the equipment body. This happens because the dust-proof sealbox slip ring is missing during operation of cone crusher. This can affect the operation of equipment and even cause serious failure.

5. The oil from the crusher’s oil will contain water, which will cause it to raise the oil level in the tank. If the water pressure in the cooler exceeds the oil pressure, water leakage, excessive water supply, or a blocked water pipe can lead to water being mixed into the cone crushing oil. This will cause the oil level to “force to rise”. This situation can be corrected by adjusting the water pressure slightly to make it lower than the oil pressure.

This is a brief introduction to how to maintain the cone crushing machine. I hope it can help everyone. Although maintenance is not trivial, it is the trivial details that can have a significant impact on the equipment’s normal operation and its service life.

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