BTMA-How to operate jaw crusher and some maintenance tips?

As we all know that jaw crusher is the necessary equipment in stone processing line. It is widely used in mining, construction, road building industry and so on. Jaw crusher has high crushing ratio and large capacity, but the structure is simple. To keep the jaw crusher running normally, there are some safe and effective operating rules the operator should follow.

Dos Before Starting The Crusher


Make sure the lubrication of the bearings in the feeder and the jaw crusher is good; make sure there is enough lubrication oil in the reducer box; make sure the tightness of the fasteners and make sure the dust collection system and driving belt are in good condition.


Check and make sure the discharge opening, the adjustment device, flywheel and the driving parts work normal.


Check if there is any rock or sundries in the crusher, if there is, the operator should clean it immediately.


Check the electric instruments to make sure it is in good condition.


Start The Parts In Turn


Make preparation and check the machine before starting the crusher. After making sure the device is normal, the operator can signal the start and turn on the dust collector at the same time;


Start the belt conveyor, and then start the jaw crusher without feed any raw material;


After the jaw crusher running regularly, start the feeder. If the operator found out some unusual sound, he should stop the crusher immediately and check the machine.


Dos In The Operation


The raw materials should be fed into the crusher evenly and continuously and the feed size of materials should be under the allowed ranges. When the feed opening blocks, the operator should stop the feeder, and remove the materials blocked in the feed opening.


The operator should separate the wood and iron mixed in the raw materials out.


As for the wood or iron mixed in the raw materials, the operator should separate them.


Check the electric instrument regularly. The temperature of the electric instrument and bearings should be below 60℃.


When there is a problem in the electric instrument, the operator should inform the professional electrician instead of repairing it himself.


Dos When Stop The Crusher


Before stopping the crusher, the operator should stop the feeder first and wait until all the raw materials in the feeder are fed into the crusher.


When there is a suddenly power cut, the operator should turn off the switch immediately and clean up the raw materials left in the crusher.


Besides following the operating rules, the operator should also maintain and repair the jaw crusher regularly. Here are some tips for maintenance of jaw crusher.


Turn Off The Crusher Regularly And Check The Machine


The operator should turn off the crusher regularly and check the wear degree of the wear parts such as the jaw plates, the toggle plate, the eccentric shaft etc. If the part is badly damaged, the operator should replace it. While replacing the wear part, the operator should pay attention to the weight and size, and use the wear part with same specification.


The Regular Check About The V-Belt


V-belt is the necessary part in a jaw crusher. The operator should check the degree of tightness of the V-belt and make sure the belt bear averaged force. If the V-belt wears too bad to use, the operator should change it timely.

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