BTMA–How to prolong the life of crusher accessories

crusher accessories

The different materials and conditions can cause different equipment damage during the crushing process. Use different crushers to crush different materials. Choose the appropriate machinery to match the crushing process. This will help to avoid damage to crusher accessories. A uniform selection of materials will reduce equipment loss and allow equipment to last longer.

After careful research and the practical operation of the equipment, our manufacturer has learned more about the wear parts and the wear conditions at various positions. The problems that can be caused by wear and tear in our use are summarized in the relevant records.

1. The equipment will be crushed to a harder material during production. Equipment quality is an important aspect of equipment purchase. It is important to select the right equipment for different materials.

2. If the material’s moisture content is too high, it will cause the equipment’s surface to stick to the equipment during crushing. The equipment’s crushing force will decrease and the material transport function will decrease. This will lead to uneven production.

3. The uniform speed of crushing can reduce damage to the equipment and make it more durable.

4. It is important to replace crusher accessories. Accessories of high quality can be used to increase production and reduce damage.

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