BTMA–How to reduce the energy consumption of the rock crusher?

rock crusher

The rock crusher is mainly used to crush stone and other items to achieve normal use value. In order to make the equipment more efficient, BTMA Machine introduce ways to reduce the energy consumption of their equipment.

1. During the crushing process of the crusher, the crushing cavity should prevent iron and other non-crushed objects from entering it.

2. When the feed materials are mixed together after crushing, there will be uneven strength of various materials. High-strength materials will protect low-strength materials, thereby reducing the crushing probability and product size of less-strength materials.

3. The bulk materials in the equipment meet the crushability requirements, and the material strength of the rock crusher must be within the strength that the crusher can handle.

4. Due to the strength, the liner of the crushing chamber is not uniformly stresse. Which results in uneven wear of the liner and affects the normal operation of the rock crusher. The uniformity of the strength of the feed material should be ensured during the production process.

Note: Every day after the rock crusher finishes its work, all parts of it should go to inspect and cleane up. In order to extend the life of the equipment and improve its economic benefits.

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