BTMA–How To Replace The Bearing of the Stone Crusher?

crusher bearing

When we replace crusher bearings, it requires professional skills and careful operation.


Before replacing bearings, we should have adequate preparations, which usually include stopping the machine in advance, cutting off the power supply, and preparing replacement tools and spare parts.

Remove the old bearing

When replacing the bearing, it is necessary to disassemble and install according to certain steps to ensure correct installation of the bearing and proper adjustment of the journal clearance, while avoiding safety accidents.

When disassembling the old bearing, it is necessary to use professional replacement tools, such as water pump pliers, etc., to remove the seam, spring pad, sealing ring, and other accessories in sequence. Then remove the bearing cap and take out the old bearing, taking care not to damage the journal surface.

Clean Surface

Next, it is necessary to clean the surface of the bearing seat and the surface of the journal to ensure that there is no dirt, impurities, etc., in preparation for the installation of the new bearing.

Install new bearings

When installing a new bearing, it is necessary to slide the new bearing from the journal to ensure proper clearance between the bearing and adjust the journal. If the clearance is too small, it may cause the bearing to heat up, increase wear, or even damage; if the clearance is too large, it will affect the bearing capacity and stability of the bearing. Therefore, it needs to adjust according to the specifications of the bearing and the actual situation of the crusher.

We should note that during the entire replacement process, safe operating procedures must be followed to avoid accidents.

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