BTMA–Industry information: What aspects should start with for the development of the mining machinery industry ?

With the continuous development of social economy and culture, and the continuous improvement of ecological civilization awareness, people’s environmental awareness is also increasing. Various industries have also spontaneously moved towards a green development path of environmental protection and energy saving.

Building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society has become the main theme of social development. Low-carbon environmental protection and green energy conservation are also the major development trends of various industries. So, what aspects should be considered to take the lead in green technology development in the mining machinery industry?

1、Mining machinery must adhere to independent development and introduction and absorption.

Compared with developed countries, mining machinery is immature in technology and equipment, and the backward development mode has caused high energy consumption and high pollution in production, which has caused great pressure on the environment. In the current new situation of economic globalization, the mining machinery industry should also broaden its horizons, introduce advanced foreign production technologies and experience, develop and produce high-quality and environmentally friendly mining machinery equipment, and also adhere to independent development, grasp the initiative of technological innovation in their own hands, so as to achieve a new breakthrough in China’s mining machinery industry.

2、Mining machinery industry must adhere to the combination of academia and theory.

According to current survey results, there is a severe shortage of talent resources in China’s mining machinery industry. Many production personnel have not received professional theoretical training and only follow traditional experience for operation. This is also an important reason for the backward development of China’s mining machinery industry. From the current situation, to achieve new development, the mining machinery industry should focus on the training of professional talents and achieve a great integration of knowledge and production.

3、Mining machinery industry should strengthen internal communication and cooperation.

In a fiercely competitive environment, it is understandable for companies to have different degrees of mutual confidentiality and mutual blockade, which is also a necessary response for companies’ self-development. However, this phenomenon restricts the rapid improvement of the overall technological level of the entire industry. Therefore, in order to develop the industry as a whole, mining machinery enterprises should communicate more. Some equipment with high levels of technology and skills should help and drive technological backward enterprises to achieve the revitalization and strength of China’s mining machinery industry.

The development of the mining machinery industry still requires the joint efforts of practitioners. We should start from multiple aspects, take low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction as the goal, take technological innovation as the premise, and work together with industry enterprises to create a green technology leading road.

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