BTMA–Is there a reason why the crusher machine frame cracks?

crusher machine

Crusher machine is a type of equipment that is used primarily for large-scale material crushers. As such, frame cracking can be a common occurrence in construction. These are the main causes. Real shot crusher machine

1. After the tooth profile has been worn out, the movable jaws and fixed jaws of the crusher can be used. They cannot be repaired.

2. Poor casting technology and welding during production can lead to equipment quality problems.

3. The fixed jaw was not fixed well enough. Additionally, the crusher has been in a constant vibration state for a while. This caused the fixed jaw to loosen and hit the rack’s front wall, causing serious damage to the rack.

4. The bolts holding the bearing to the frame were not tightened during installation and were therefore loose.

5. The bottom of the equipment mainframe’s rigidity is too high or has collapsed, which causes the frame to leap.

6. Flywheel counterweight misaligned because of pin damage, eccentric shaft or loose expansion sleeves.

7. Unqualified brackets and bracket pads cannot withstand the impact force. The crusher cannot withstand a strong impact and can cause damage to the frame.

The design and use of the crusher machine frame is a major factor in cracking. Regular maintenance and inspection are important during equipment use. The most worn parts should also be replaced as soon as possible to prevent frame cracking.

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