BTMA–Jaw crusher performance characteristics

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is an earlier crushing equipment. The main performance characteristics of jaw crusher are as follows:

1. Adopt high-quality manufacturing process and select excellent materials.

2. The full stroke of movable jaw is more durable. The claws are made of high quality cast steel and are driven by two large cast steel flywheels. In addition, heavy eccentric shaft is also processed by forging. All make jaw crusher with extraordinary reliability.

3. The bearing seat adopts the overall cast steel structure, which can ensure complete coordination with the crushing frame, greatly improving the radial strength of the bearing seat, while the split bearing seat does not have such advantages.

4. Adopt finite element analysis technology, crusher has higher strength.

5. The crushing chamber adopts symmetrical “V” structure, so that the actual inlet width is consistent with the nominal inlet width.

6. Discharging port adjustment is faster and more convenient. Jaw crusher with wedge-shaped outlet adjustment device, simpler and faster than the old gasket adjustment.

7. Choose bearings with larger specifications and higher bearing capacity. The eccentric shaft bearings of jaw crushers are larger and more durable than other crushers of the same specification. The higher bearing capacity and labyrinth seal greatly extend the service life of bearings.

8. Adopt tooth guard plate to increase the length of jaw plate and increase output.

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