BTMA–Let us talk about some useful tips for designing stone crusher plant

An ideal rock crusher plant design means less upfront investment and more later income for investors. This article will give you 9 tips to get the ideal design.


An ideal design means less upfront investment and more later income for a crusher plant, therefore, most customers pay attention to design issues when investing in a crusher plant. In this article, manufacturers give you 10 suggestions to design a cost-effective and efficient stone production line based on their own experience and customer feedback.



Stone crusher plant design




  1. According to the site construction conditions, the production line is reasonably arranged to facilitate the working process of the stone crusher plant; the structure is compact and space-saving.




  1. For equipment with large power consumption, it should be arranged near the power distribution room and the main control room as much as possible to save cables and reduce wear and tear.




  1. The main control room has two floors. The lower layer is used for machine maintenance, and the upper layer is used to monitor the real-time operation of the crushing plant machines.




  1. Primary crushing is the main process of stone crusher device. It is strongly recommended to select a primary crusher based on the nature of the stone being processed (hardness, size, moisture, etc.), the expected throughput and the type of finished product.





  1. If the raw material contains more dirt and impurities, it can be pre-screened with a soil removal feeder. It helps to improve the post-crushing efficiency and reduce clogging.



Application of vibrating screen in crushing plant




  1. In order to ensure the continuity of the crusher device, it is recommended to build two transfer silos before and after the secondary crushing process. In this way, the maintenance of the equipment in the previous process will not affect the subsequent process.




  1. It is recommended that the processing capacity of the vibrating screen is slightly larger than that of the crusher. It can not only improve the screening efficiency, but also reduce the load of the vibrating screen and prolong the service life of the vibrating screen.




  1. The traditional decentralized product storage model not only pollutes the environment, but is also not conducive to sales. Therefore, it is recommended to design a unified and standardized finished product silo for the stone crushing plant.




  1. In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, remember to install dust removal equipment at the main dust emission points, design a closed production process, and regularly sprinkle water in the stone crusher plant.




The above 9 suggestions apply to most stone crusher equipment. If you have special requirements, you need to communicate with professional manufacturers.  BTMA Team  provides you with customized design of 50-3000tph stone crusher plant, if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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