BTMA-Repair skills of hammer crusher(2)

hammer crusher

The maintenance method from the rack to the port of the hammer crusher. For the long-term work of the detachable rack, the other real plane of the rack will wear out. In this case, it should be resolved in time. The details method is as follows:

First, measure the wear of the hammer crusher frame, determine the detail value of the grinding deviation. and then carry out the electric welding planer.But to ensure the spacing of the original bearing.

Frame crack treatment: The hammer crusher frame is an important load-bearing component. So cracks may appear in the weak part of the frame. If the frame breaks, it can be repaired by welding.

The vibration of the hammer crusher is aggravat during operation. Indicating that there may be uneven wear between the wearing parts and the rotor. Which is caused by the unbalanced state or looseness caused, by the asymmetric rotor and the material. Pulley sets, after the normal vibration is remove, the inspection can be stopp.

In addition, the vibration switch install on the hammer crusher can be set to actively stop. before equipment damage and personal injury occur when unbalanced vibration is detected. When the crushing sander feeds, an imbalance process of about 30~60s usually occurs. In this case, the feed cannot be stopp, and the feed amount should be increased as much as possible until the vibration is reduce.

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