BTMA- Some basics about the roller crusher

The crushing ratio of a roller crusher is a very important factor, because it determines the size of the crushed product. The maximum reduction ratio of a roller crusher is determined by the number of crushing rolls and their diameter. The smaller the rolls, the higher the permissible reduction ratio. The smaller the roll diameter, the higher the maximum reduction ratio. A heavy-duty roller is capable of high reduction ratios and may be operated in a closed circuit with a screen to reduce circulating loads.


Movable roller

The movable roller is a key part of a roller crusher. This part bears the full weight of the machine. It has a shaft with teeth, which allows the roller to rotate rapidly and easily. Good lubrication is very important to prolong the life of these bearings and increase the capacity of a roller crusher. The lubrication oil should be clean and in good condition to extend the service life of the equipment.

The newly installed wheel of a roll crusher must be checked regularly, and you must replace it when it becomes loose. You should also pay close attention to wear parts, such as the bearings and the drive belt. Dust must be removed, as it can block the movement of the movable bearings and may lead to accidents. You should stop the machine immediately if the level of bearing oil increases.

Single moving part – the eccentric shaft

The roller crusher has a single moving part – the eccentric shaft. It is constructed of heavy steel and is supported by a steel frame. The eccentric shaft is made of steel and rotates on heavy duty bearings. The front and rear manganese crusher plates are positively adjustable. A safety plate is also installed to avoid tramp iron breakage. Another benefit of the roll crusher is that it is very easy to maintain. Most manufacturers will offer free maintenance.

Wide range application

Despite the simple design of the roll crusher, it is very economical and durable. Moreover, it is suitable for a wide range of materials and applications. Its versatility makes it an indispensable piece of equipment for a mining or quarry operation. You can choose a roll crusher to suit your requirements. This simple machine is a great investment, and the benefits of having one are numerous. You can even buy the machine online for a very low price.

There are two types of roll crushers: large and small. The former has higher output, but the latter is cheaper. The smaller and larger ones are designed for smaller materials and are used for minerals. The mobile version of the roll crusher is the most popular. If the final cubic product is not a good match for your requirements, you can use a portable roll crusher. Most of these machines are made in the same way, but the price can vary from model to model.

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