BTMA–Some knowledge about our hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is a kind of equipment that uses high-speed rotating hammer head to crush materials in the form of impact. Generally used for second crushing. It is suitable for crushing limestone, coal, shale, brick, gypsum and other materials in the fields of building materials, chemical industry, electric power, mining, metallurgy and so on. The compressive strength of the material shall not exceed 100MPa.


Hammer Crusher Classification Standard


  1. According to the number of rotors, it can be divided into single rotor and double rotor.


  1. According to the direction of rotation of the rotor: divided into reversible and irreversible.


  1. According to the arrangement of hammer heads, it can be divided into single-row type and multi-row type.


Working Principle


The material enters the crusher through the conveyor, and is crushed under the impact of the high-speed rotary hammer. The material obtains kinetic energy from the hammer head, and rushes to the impact plate at high speed for the second crushing.



The secondary crushed material and the material rushed to the impact plate are impacted and broken again. The material with small particle size is discharged from the grate hole, and the material with large particle size is impacted by the hammer in the crushing cavity, and then crushed again by grinding.


The PC hammer crusher produced by BTMA Machinery has a large crushing ratio, up to 50; high production capacity, low energy consumption per unit product; good output particle size; simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

Common disadvantages of hammer breaking are: the hammer head wears out quickly with non picky eaters. When crushing hard materials, the wear is fast, which increases the maintenance and operation of the machine; when crushing wet materials, the screen holes of the grate bar are easily blocked. Therefore, it is easy to cause shutdown and affect the output, so the moisture content of the material should not exceed 10%.

The main components of the hammer crusher are rotor, grate sieve, impact liner, side liner, etc. Among them, the hammer head and the bushing are the main wearing parts. Therefore, when purchasing a hammer crusher, the purchase amount of wearing parts can be increased according to demand.

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