BTMA–Some knowledge about the Symons Cone Crusher

Symons cone crusher is the earliest cone crusher in the world, and it is also the most widely used crusher. On the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign technology, according to the needs of customers, it adopts the principle of layered crushing, more crushing and less grinding, and develops a modern high-performance cone crusher with high swing frequency, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke.

After optimization and improvement by experts, the structure of Symons cone crusher is more reasonable, the technology is more advanced, and it has excellent performance in manufacturing, installation, use and maintenance.


It can be widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement plants, building construction, sand making, metallurgy, etc. It is also suitable for iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebble, etc.


However, because the Symons Cone Crusher is crushed by reducing the size of the discharge port to control the particle size of the product, it is not suitable for use as an ultra-fine crusher or sand maker.


It has the following advantages.


There are many types of crushing chambers: users can choose three different crushing chambers according to the site conditions.


1、The crushing efficiency is high, the product size is uniform,


the particle shape is uniform, the concave surface wears uniformly, and the wear parts have a long service life.


Dry-type oil seal and dust-proof: the unique and reliable dust-proof sealing structure is adopted to effectively extend the lubricating oil replacement cycle and the service life of parts.


2、Support large crushing ratio

key components are made of special materials. The crushing cone has a larger space when it leaves the notch in each stroke, so that more materials enter the crushing chamber, forming a larger discharge volume and speeding up the speed of materials passing through the crushing chamber.


3、High output

Compared with other models, Symons cone crusher has long crushing arm, large stroke and strong crushing force. Therefore, it can effectively crush more materials in the crushing cavity.


4、High efficiency

The main shaft of the machine is supported at both ends, which can withstand greater crushing force and greater stroke. In addition, it has a special crushing cavity shape suitable for the principle of stratification, which makes the machine have higher crushing efficiency.


5、Low daily operation and maintenance cost

Due to reasonable parts selection and structural design, the parts have long service life and the crushing arm is long, which greatly reduces the load on sliding bearings, gears and frame; the crushed products have uniform particle size and reduce cyclic load; the hydraulic cleaning system is easy operation and control, reducing downtime and power consumption.


6、Discharge port adjustment

Symons cone crusher includes a hydraulic adjustment mechanism to quickly adjust the size of the discharge port.


7、Lubrication circulation system

special light oil lubrication circulation system ensures that the return oil temperature is within 60°C; a new oil filtration system ensures that the transmission device is not accidentally worn, thereby stabilizing the service life. The advanced and reliable double-pump oil supply lubrication system is adopted to ensure the temperature rise of the main shaft and copper tile, with long service life, reliable operation and extended maintenance period.


Overload Protection: The spring safety system of the Symons cone crusher  is an overload protection device that allows metal objects to pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the machine.


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