BTMA-Some Notes on Using PE600X900 Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is an important primary crushing equipment.So it is very important to know Jaw crusher assembly technology. Jaw crusher assembly technologies focus on moving the jaw assembly , assembly work and work also focused on moving the jaw , while another portion of the movable jaw assembly focused on four groups bearing.

If these four groups bearing assembly must meet the technical requirements, but when loaded moving jaw wear very smooth, not hold strong, the assembly dimensions are in line with requirements of the drawings , the whole machine run this estimate would not be a big problem.


Inspection for Jaw Crusher PE 600*900 /Jaw And Cone Crusher Price:


  1. to check the usage of components. Jaw Crusher PE600*900 /Jaw And Cone Crusher Price has a very important role in stone production line. Operators need check the usage of related accessories regularly.


2.operator should do lubrication well. Regular lubrication can effectively extend the service life of the equipment, but grease need to be chosen according to different season and location. It is best to replace grease once every three months, and cleaning is necessary during replacement.

  1. check machine regularly. When switch machine, operator should pay attention to check the degree of wear and tear, which to a certain extent can cause great damage to the equipment. When maintain the machine, wearing parts must be checked, and the badly worn parts must be timely replacement.



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