BTMA–Some Problems of the circular vibrating screen and how to solve them?

The circular vibrating screen is an indispensable screening equipment in the production line, with up to four layers, which can screen out particles of different particle sizes according to customer needs. If the circular vibrating screen is used for too long, some failures will inevitably occur. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the common faults and corresponding solutions of circular vibrating screens.


1、The transmission part of the circular vibrating screen fails


Reason: Improper operation by the operator, insufficient lubricating oil, etc. will cause the transmission part of the circular vibrating screen to fail.


Vibrating screen transmission faults include coupling wear, connecting bolt breakage and protection cylinder breakage, pulley bearing damage, belt tearing, etc.


Solution: Check the transmission part regularly, pay attention to the longitudinal and transverse clearance of the bearing during the inspection process, and ensure that it is within a safe distance; check the bearing bracket, and add lubricating oil in time; observe the operation of the circular vibrating screen, stop and sign in if there is any abnormality time.


2、The bearing temperature of the industrial circular vibrating screen is too high


Reason: The circular vibrating screen will generate a certain amount of heat when it works for a long time, which will promote the volatilization of lubricating oil. The volatilization of lubricating oil will increase friction and cause the bearing temperature to rise; insufficient lubricating oil.


Solution: Reasonably arrange the running time of the circular vibrating screen machine to avoid long-term insufficient load, and shut down the equipment when not in use; regularly check the bearings, add enough lubrication, and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

3、The bearing of the circular vibrating screen separator is damaged


Reason: The shaft is a metal composite material, which will be subject to a large torque after long-term use. The raw material inside the shaft will slowly form a gap. If things go on like this, the bearing will break; the material of the bearing is weak, the compressive strength is not high, and it will break. ; If the supporting force of the V-belt is too large, it will cause additional bending moment of the shaft and increase the resultant moment. The stress during the stripping process will increase significantly, even exceeding the allowable stress of the shaft, which will directly lead to damage to the shaft.


Solution: choose an experienced and regular manufacturer to ensure that the components are selected reasonably; check the wear of the bearing regularly and replace it in time; under the premise of ensuring normal transmission, try to reduce the tension of the V-belt.


4、The surface of the screen ages faster


Reason: Most of the sieve plates of circular vibrating screen machines use polyurethane screen surface, but the anti-aging performance of polyurethane is not high, which leads to rapid aging of the screen surface; the operator did not tighten the screen surface when installing the screen surface, thus accelerating the aging of the screen surface.


Solution: Choose a high-quality screen surface; regularly check the looseness and damage of the screen surface, tighten and replace the screen surface in time; when replacing the screen surface, the tension of the tension plates on both sides should be consistent and even.




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