BTMA–Tell the differences between standard short head cone crushers?

Although standard cone crushers, medium cone crushers, and short-head cone crushers are three different types of cone crushers, they are essentially a type of traditional spring cone crusher.


The difference between the three is that the brachycephalic parallel band is longer, followed by the medium type, and the standard type is the shortest. What’s the difference between them?




1、The shape of the crushing cavity is different


The short head cone crusher has the longest parallel belt, the medium type is the second, and the standard type is the shortest.

2、The particle size of the crushed product is different


Cone crusher with long parallel belt and short head can crush fine-grained materials. Generally, this type of cone crusher is used after intermediate crushing; while the standard cone crusher has coarse particle size and high output, and the crushed material can be used as intermediate crushing.


3、The outlet width is different


Compared with the medium and short head cone crushers, the outlet width of the standard cone crusher is wider, so the processing capacity of the standard cone crusher is larger in terms of processing capacity per unit time.

The short-head type has a longer parallel zone and smaller inlet and outlet openings, so fine product sizes can be obtained. Generally, after medium crushing, the short head of the long parallel belt is used as fine crushing.

The standard type has a short parallel zone, so the crushed product is thicker and the output is higher. It is generally placed after the coarse crushing, that is, the rear jaw crusher or rotary crusher is used as the intermediate crushing.

To sum up, the feed inlet of header type, middle head type and short head type gradually decreases, and the crushing chamber and parallel area gradually increase.

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