BTMA–The advantages and disadvantages of the main kinds stone crushers.

The production of sand and gravel aggregate is mainly divided into mining, crushing, screening and forming.



Generally, according to the characteristics of raw materials, system scale, site layout conditions, and system technology, etc.,



The main equipment includes crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, belt conveyor, feeder, stone powder recovery equipment, water supply equipment, dust collector and other auxiliary equipment.




According to the working principle of crushing equipment, it can be divided into two categories:



  1. Extrusion crushing equipment, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, are suitable for crushing raw materials with high wear index. The stone powder content in the product is low, but there are more needle-shaped particles in the crushed material.




  1. Impact crushing equipment, such as impact crushers, hammer crushers, etc., are characterized by large material crushing ratio, simple structure, convenient equipment maintenance, good particle shape, and small loss of material compressive strength.




  1. In large-scale sand and gravel production lines, jaw crushers are generally used for coarse crushing, and cone crushers, impact crushers or hammer crushers are generally used for medium crushing.




The advantages and disadvantages of commonly used crushers in sand and gravel aggregate production lines are as follows:




1、Jaw Crusher




simple structure, reliable operation, small size, light weight, low configuration height, large feeding port, adjustable flow rate, low price;




the lining wears quickly, the shape of the product particles is not good, the shape of the dial is not good, and it needs to be forced to feed;


Scope of application


Rock hardness has good adaptability, and it is generally used for raw material crushing, and it needs to be miniaturized in medium-sized crushing equipment.




2、Cone Crusher





Reliable operation, high output, uniform particle size, small lining wear;




complex structure, high maintenance requirements, high price;


Scope of application


With good adaptability to rock hardness, it is the most commonly used medium and fine crushing equipment in aggregate production lines.




3、Impact Crusher






Impact crusher has large crushing ratio, fine product, good grain shape, low energy consumption, simple structure;




Steel hammers and gaskets are easy to wear, heavy replacement and maintenance work, heavy dust, not suitable for crushing plastic and viscous materials;


Scope of application


It is suitable for crushing medium-hard rocks. It is medium crushing and sand making equipment, and some large equipment is used for coarse crushing.



4、Hammer Crusher





large crushing ratio, high yield, good particle shape, fine material;




The hammer head is damaged quickly, replaced frequently, dust is large, and the moisture content of the raw material is above 12%;

Scope of application


Suitable for crushing medium-hard rocks, generally used for fine crushing equipment.



The selection of various equipment in the gravel production line affects the quality of the finished product. When configuring the equipment, the material properties and classification of the finished product should be fully considered.

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