BTMA–What are the advantages of high manganese steel castings?



High manganese steel castings are wear-resistant steels designed for use in heavy industries, including quarrying, mining, excavation, coal industry, foundry and steel industry, etc. As usual, the spare parts of stone crushers are made of  high manganese steel .

It refers to the alloy steel with manganese content above 10% ,Minimized for enhanced wear resistance.


As a wear-resistant material, itl is unsurpassed by other materials in terms of resistance to abrasive wear or chisel wear under strong impact and high pressure.

High manganese steel is very easy to work harden, so it is difficult to process. Most of them are castings, and a very small amount is processed by forging. Adding manganese steel elements to castings will increase the wear resistance of castings, so high manganese steel castings are generally used in high wear situations.




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