BTMA-What are the advantages of our cone crusher?

When to choose a crusher, we should consider the composite cost. Besides the price, we should also take operating cost and maintenance cost into account.

We are professional crusher factory, and our cone crusher has many advantages with high quality and cheap price.

Cone crusher is a good choice as a secondary and tertiary crusher.

The machine is compose of frame,transmission shaft,excentric sleeve,bowl bearing,breaking cone,supporting sleeve,adjusting sleeve,feeding part,spring,shaft coupling,lubricating, motor,etc.

While the machine running,the motor drives the flexible shaft coupling,transmission shaft and a pair of bevel gear to make excentric sleeve running.

And excentric Sleeve gives impetus to axial lead to make it dangle, for the dangling,morever,the distance between crushing wall and rolling acetabular wall alternate between near and far,and material be crushed in crushing cavity by extrusion pressure and impact force.

It has the following advantages:

1. Wide application.

Cone Crusher can be use for all kinds of stones, even very hard stones.

2. Good product granularity.

The perfect combination of optimized crushing frequency and eccentric distance to guarantee the output size in good granularity.

3. Large capacity.  

Sturdy structure design, high quality alloy copper bush, high strength gear, and alloy frame can confirm crusher run at high efficiency.

4. Cheap maintenance cost.

Optimized crushing cavity and heavy quality spare parts, makes less consumption.

Henan Benteng Machinery Co,. LTD is a professional cone crusher manufacturer. We can produce all kinds of cone crusher types, and design the suitable plan according to the production requirements. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us any time.

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