BTMA–What are the Benefits of Using Pure Copper Motors ?

Copper has particularly excellent electrical conductivity, which is why copper is widely used in the field of electric energy supply and use. The application of copper in the field of electric motors is of great significance for improving the energy efficiency of electric motors. As a successful case of the application of copper in the field of high-efficiency electric motors,

Cast copper rotor motors have many advantages such as high efficiency, low material cost, light weight, small size, and long life.


  • Pure copper motors are more durable, copper has better electrical conductivity and current carrying performance, and the heat generated during operation is relatively much lower


  • Pure copper wire motor has longer service life


  • Pure copper wire motor is more energy-saving. The resistance of circuit components is proportional to the heat generation. The larger the resistance, the higher the heat generation. The pure copper motor has low heat generation, smooth current, and good power conversion factor.


Pure copper core motor is relatively quiet.


Pure copper motors are expensive and heavy.


At present, the rotors of most motors are cast aluminum rotors. If cast copper rotors are used to replace the cast aluminum rotors widely used in squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motors, the total loss of the motor will be significantly reduced, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the motor.Our mining machine motor are all use pure copper motor. You can also check our company many machine videos on our Instagram.


Using cast copper rotors makes it possible to create highly efficient and even ultra-efficient electric motors. Under the same motor size condition, a higher motor energy efficiency level can be achieved.

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