BTMA–What are the benefits to increase speed of gold milling equipment?

At present, the speed of the gold milling equipment on the market is not very high, so that the potential of the equipment cannot be fully realized, and the work efficiency is very general. We all know that the speed is one of the factors that affect the work efficiency of the equipment.


Of course, if you want to achieve the ideal income, it is also essential to choose the appropriate gold selection equipment and master certain practical skills. So what are the benefits of increasing the speed of the gold mill for production?


The increase of the speed can increase the number of impacts of the equipment on the ore material, which greatly increases the chance of crushing


High speed can generate greater centrifugal force and bring stronger impact force, that is, increase the impact energy


In addition, the impact friction between the grinding chamber and the liner is also greatly enhanced, so that the crushing rate is all the way up, resulting in a high-efficiency crushing effect.


Therefore, the increase of the speed not only improves the working efficiency of the gold milling machine, but also improves the working efficiency of the entire crushed stone production line equipment.

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