BTMA-What are the differences of jaw crusher and other crushers?

The different types of crushers can be separate into several different categories. There are four ways to crush material, impact, attrition, shear and compression.

There are also further classify into primary, secondary and tertiary crushers based on what stage of crushing they complete.

Primary crushers receive material directly from the mine or excavation source,such as primary jaw crusher

Secondary crushers are fed from the primary to reduce the size of the material further, such as fine jaw crusher

Tertiary crushers are very similar, reducing the size of material fed from a secondary crusher even further.

There in fact may be more than three stages of crushing, cold oil press however any crusher used for any crushing stages at the third stage or beyond is defined as a tertiary crusher.
Jaw crushers are primary crushers, which use compressive force to reduce material size.

Other types of crushers include:


  • Roller Crusher:Roller crushers are compression crushers that use two rotating metal cylinders to crush material between them. These types of crushers are typically tertiary crushers, due to their low reduction ratio and are best suited for crushing fine material.


  • Cone Crusher/ Gyratory Crusher:Cone crushers use a gyrating spindle in the centre. Which is crush between a mantle and a bowl liner or concave. This type of crushing is used for with primary or secondary crushing.


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