BTMA-What are the differences of the jaw crusher and impact crusher?

If you need to crush rock or stone, you may be wondering how to decide between a jaw crusher and an impact crusher. Typically, jaw crushers are used in primary stage of crushing, and the impact crusher is used in secondary stage to grind the materials to a finer consistency. The difference between the two types of crushers is how much force is required to crush a given material.

The jaw crusher produces large, uniform particles, but it doesn’t crush as finely as an impacted crusher. It has a higher capacity and is less expensive than an impact crusher. However, if you require higher quality crushed product, an impact crusher is better suited.

Both types of crushers can reduce material size by a certain extent. A jaw crusher uses a squeeze action to break down materials, and its particle size is typically 10 to 350 mm.

By contrast, an impact machine uses impact to break down material, resulting in a smaller particle with less needle flake. This type of crusher also offers better quality and consistency.

In general, it is important to read the manufacturer‘s user guide to determine which one is the right choice for your needs.

A jaw crusher can handle larger materials than an impact crusher, and has better feed acceptance. It can accommodate harder abrasive materials. It is a primary crusher, but can also work as a secondary crusher. The difference between a jaw and an impact is in the reduction ratio and feed acceptance capabilities.

In the case of an impact crusher, it is more likely to offer a 6:1 reduction ratio for most materials. It is not suitable for abrasive materials, but can be utilized for crushing tougher or softer ones.

The jaw crusher crushes materials by squeezing them. The finished product is generally 10 to 350mm. A more efficient alternative is the impact crusher, which uses an impacting action to break up the material.

An impacting machine will produce particles of a much finer consistency. In contrast to a jaw, the impact crusher is not as efficient as its counterparts, but it is still a good choice for everyday use.

A jaw is the primary crusher, with the impact usually the secondary crusher. The jaw has higher capacity, but its output is more coarse than the impact. It is best for medium-hard material. In contrast, an impact crusher is more efficient at crushing soft materials. If you need to crush hard materials, choose a jaw. In the end, the right crusher will reduce the particle size to a smaller particle. This is important for both types of crushing.

A jaw is the primary crusher, which crushes materials by compressive force. It is best for brittle materials, such as granite, and has high crushing efficiency. A cone is more expensive, but it is the best option for most situations. The price of a cone is often based on its horsepower. A cone has the highest capacity. A cone is more efficient in crushing hard, soft, and fibrous materials.

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