BTMA–What are the solutions for the Impact crusher common problems ?

In the fields of mines and building materials, as the secondary fine crushing equipment in the crushing process, the impact crusher has a wide range of applications and is very popular among users.

Today, our company will summarize for you the common problems and corresponding solutions in the use of impact crushers, so as to avoid a series of problems caused by machine damage.


1、During the operation of the impact crusher, the bearing temperature continues to rise


  • Adding too much or too little lubricating oil will cause the bearing to generate heat.


  • Poor performance of lubricating oil or unreasonable choice of lubricating oil variety and viscosity, so that no good dynamic pressure oil film is formed between the friction surfaces, and the metal directly contacts and rubs, resulting in large friction loss, high energy consumption, and continuous rise in bearing temperature.


  • The lubricating oil is polluted, the particle impurities cause the lubrication system to block, the friction increases, and the temperature rises. Mixing water in the lubricating oil will reduce the viscosity of the lubricating oil, resulting in boundary friction or even dry friction.


  • Bearing wear. Due to the harsh working environment of the crusher and a lot of dust, some fine powder will deteriorate the lubricating oil in the bearing after entering the bearing, resulting in poor lubrication, increased friction, and corresponding wear and tear. Bearings continue to operate in a worn state, resulting in high friction and elevated temperatures.


  • Failure to check and replace parts in time: When the bearing cannot be adjusted due to severe fatigue, cracks, oxidation, corrosion, etc., if it is not replaced in time, it will cause bearing heating, vibration, abnormal noise, etc., and affect production.


Solution: Strictly follow the amount of lubricating oil specified in the crusher manual, regularly and quantitatively add lubricating oil to the bearing parts; choose the appropriate variety and viscosity of lubricating oil; regularly check the wear of bearings and other parts, and replace them in time.


2、Abnormal vibration occurs during the operation of the impact crusher




  • The raw material size does not match the purchased impact crusher model. If the model is too large or too small, the impact crusher will be abnormal.


  • Because of the long-term crushing of materials with high hardness, the hammer head of the impact crusher will cause severe wear and vibration of the hammer head.


  • The rotor of the impact crusher is unbalanced.


  • The installation of the machine is not firm, the fixing screws may be loose, and the pouring platform may collapse.


Solution: When buying an impact crusher, choose to buy according to the size of the material, or listen to the advice of a professional supplier; the hammer head is a vulnerable part of the impact crusher, and the hammer head must be used after three months of use. Check the wear of the hammer head and replace it in time; adjust the rotor to a balanced state in time; check the firmness of the machine when installing the machine, tighten the fixing screws in time, and repair the pouring platform.

The above is a detailed introduction and solution to the two common problems of  impact crushers. You can also contact us directly or visit our Instagram Page.

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