BTMA-What are the working principle of jaw crusher for sale in Zimbabwe?

Jaw crusher is a type of crushers that uses mechanical pressure of two jaws (one jaw is fixed and the other is reciprocating) to crush materials.


Jaw crusher is universal machine for crushing various materials. Jaw crusher for sale is used for crushing rocks materials of any strength, slag and some metal materials. This machine can not be used for processing viscoelastic materials, such as wood, polymers, some metal alloys. Source materials particle size is up to 1,500 mm. Final products particle size for small capacity jaw crushers is about 10 mm. Jaw crushers are available in all classes of crushing: with small, medium and large capacity.


The basic parameters characterizing any jaw crusher are sizes of its loading and unloading holes. The unloading hole (or an output slot of the crusher) can be adjusted by changing the final gap between the crusher jaws. The sizes of the unloading hole influence the final product particle size. Depending on the source product particle size, crusher jaws designers of our company offer various models of jaw crushers.

Jaw Crusher operation principle

The principle of operation of a jaw crusher is based on the mechanical compression of processed materials by crusher working surfaces (jaws), which leads to high compression and shear stresses that break the materials. One of the jaws is fixed, and the other is reciprocating (due to its connection to a pitman). The pitman shaft is rotated (driven from an electric/diesel motor through a V-belt drive).

The shaft has an additional pulley working as a flywheel and a counterweight for the main pulley. The position of the lower edge of the reciprocating jaw can be adjusted in the horizontal direction (by a special mechanical or hydraulic drive).

Thus, it is possible to adjust the lower gap between the jaws, and as a result, the maximum size of final product particles. The jaws form a wedge-shaped channel of the crushing chamber, in which the material moves down by gravity and is subjected to crushing forces.

BTMA Machinery offers a wide line of its crushing equipment with excellent performances at prices from 1500 USD. Our jaw crushers can be equipped with auxiliary devices that simplify processing various materials: conveyor belts, conveyor belt feeders, vibrating screens, screw feeders.

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