BTMA-What do you know about cone crusher?

What can a cone crusher crush?

Cone crushers can crush a variety of mid-hard, above mid-hard rocks and ores. Such as granite, basalt, quartz, limestone, etc.

The cone stone crusher machine is often used for secondary, tertiary fine crushing. The jaw or impact crushers which crush the large materials. The series of crushers are widely used in quarry, mining, concrete crushing, construction waste recycling.

How long to replace cone liner?

The liner as the easily damaged parts of the cone crusher, if it was evenly worn down to about 2.5cm, we should consider replacing it. Because the liner made of manganese will crack when it about 1.6-1.9cm thick. Then causing the lining plate to begin to disintegrate. Further led to the liners fracture. If we don’t solve the problem and the machine continues working, it will destroy the seat or head.

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