BTMA–Do you know what is a ball mill and how to select the right ball mill ?

A ball mill is a type grinding machine that uses balls to grind and remove material. It consists of a hollow compartment that rotates along a horizontal or vertical axis. It’s called a “ball mill” because it’s literally filled with balls. Materials are added to the ball mill, at which point the balls knock around inside the mill.

The ball mill is composed of main components such as the feeding part, the discharging part, the rotary part, and the transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control).



Widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramics and other production industries.


Ball mill  is the key equipment for crushing materials after crushing. According to the different mining methods, the ball mill can be divided into grid type and overflow type.


Feed size:≤20 -≤25mm


Ball loading capacity: 1.5-338 tons


Applicable materials: quartzite, gold ore, iron ore, cement clinker, copper ore, pyrrhotite, magnetite, etc.



Mesh ball mill: 25mm ~ 50μ-100μ, wet and dry processing


Overflow ball mill: 25mm ~ 150μ-200μ, wet processing

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