BTMA–What is Spring Cone Crusher and what is the working principle ?

PY spring cone crusher is usually used for secondary and tertiary crushing, crushing ores and rocks with medium or above hardness, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc.


The machine has compact structure and  high production efficiency. It adopts high-precision bowl bearing, concentrated thin oil lubrication system and new dry oil sealing and dust-proof system. When the crushed material fails to be transported into the crushing chamber, the safety spring device can play a protective role, so this machine is often used in secondary crushing. Grade and tertiary crushing.

Therefore, it is suitable for crushing ores and rocks with medium or above hardness, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc. Among them, the standard machine is suitable for intermediate crushing, while the medium-sized short head machine is suitable for fine crushing. In summary, this machine is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, water conservancy, chemical industry and other fields.


The working principle of the spring cone crusher is driven by a motor, and the linkage of the gears makes the transmission shaft and the transmission gear drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate. The moving cone of the spring cone crusher rotates under the action of the eccentric sleeve. The movable cone and the fixed cone are closed or separated from each other, so as to continuously impact and crush the material.


The spring cone crusher is composed of frame, transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, bowl bearing, crushing cone, support sleeve, adjustment sleeve, feeding part, spring, elastic coupling, lubrication, electrical equipment and so on. When the cone crusher is working, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the elastic coupling, and the transmission shaft and a pair of bevel gears drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate and swing the crushing cone axis. It distributes the broken mantle and concave body far and near, and the ore is squeezed and crushed in the crushing cavity.



The structure of spring cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, fixed cone, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl shaft frame and transmission mechanism.


Structural Features


  1. Large crushing ratio.


  1. The particle size of the material is satisfactory.


  1. The adjustment of the outlet is convenient and quick.


  1. Equipped with anti-iron overload protection.


  1. The mortar roller wall wears evenly and has a long service life.


  1. Use dry oil or water seal method.


  1. The maintenance cost of this product is low.


  1. The product runs stably and has high reliability.

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