BTMA–What is the basic process of granite sand making plant?

The granite sand making process is divided into four stages: coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, sand making and screening.

Primary crushing

The granite blasted from the mountain is evenly fed by the vibrating feeder through the silo, and transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing.

Medium and fine crushing

Coarsely crushed materials are screened by a vibrating screen and then conveyed by a belt conveyor to a cone crusher for secondary crushing. The crushed stones are conveyed to the vibrating screen through the belt conveyor, and the stones of different specifications are screened out. The stones that meet the customer’s particle size requirements are transported to the finished product pile by the belt conveyor. The cone crusher crushes again, forming a closed loop cycle.

Sand making

The crushed material is larger than the size of the double-layer sieve, and the stone is transported to the sand making machine by the belt conveyor for fine crushing.


The finely crushed and remolded materials are screened through the vibrating screen for coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand.

Note: For sand powder with stricter requirements, a sand washing machine can be added behind the fine sand. The waste water discharged from the sand washing machine can be recovered through the fine sand recovery device. On the one hand, it can reduce environmental pollution, and on the other hand, it can increase the amount of sand produced.

Technical Description

1、The process is designed according to the parameters provided by the customer. This flowchart is for informational purposes only.


2、The actual construction should be adjusted according to the terrain.


3、The mud content of the material should not exceed 10%, and the mud content will have an important impact on the output, equipment and process.


4、BTMA Group can provide technological process plan and technical support according to the actual requirements of customers, and can also design non-standard supporting parts according to        the actual installation conditions of customers.

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