BTMA–What is wet pan mill and how does wet pan mill work?

Wet pan mill, also known as amalgam grinding machine and gold grinding machine, is a universal grinding machine suitable for wet materials. Wet crushing has good performance, low investment and high output. It is the best substitute for small and medium-sized ball mills and is widely used in the separation of gold, iron, molybdenum, lead, zinc, antimony, etc.



Single roller, 2 roller (common), 3 rollers.



Even grinding, fine grinding as small as 1mm. High capacity, output range is 40 tons per hour. Low energy consumption, silent, safe operation. Easy to operate and maintain. Smooth and evenly distributed. Wear-resistant grinding roller, long service life.


Wet pan mill vs ball mill

The price of wet pan mill for gold selection is lower. BTMA wet pan mills are popular in Sudan, Egypt, South Africa and other African countries.


BTMA TEAM, a mining machinery supplier for more than 20 years, our gold mining equipment/gold panning equipment/coal mining equipment are popular in African placer gold mining industry. For decades, BTMA TEAM has been providing high-quality mining machines all over the world, and Chinese mining machines are worthy of your trust.


Main components of wet pan mill



motor, frame, basin, roller, grinding seat, bearing, reducer, etc.


(1) Roller material: 6% manganese alloy steel, with a service life of at least 3 years.


(2) Seal ring material: cast steel, cast iron, manganese steel are optional.


Thickness: Standard 85mm steel.


(3) Steel frame: A-2 standard steel frame


(4) Basin: 5mm thick steel plate


(5) Gear box: specially designed for wet mill, quality assurance for 1 year


(6) Motor: Siemens or China’s first-class standard brand


Working Principle of Wet Pan Mill

First, the motor transmits the power to the reducer, then the central drive shaft transmits power to the horizontal axis, and finally the roller moves counterclockwise to grind the material into fine particles in the wet mill. When the rollers are rolling and kneading the minerals, the materials are fully mixed with water, and the fine particles of free minerals float on the surface and are discharged through the overflow discharge port; the coarse minerals settle at the bottom of the pot and continue to grind until the fineness reaches the standard.

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