BTMA–What machines are needed for a sand production line?

Recent years, sand and gravel have become a substitute for natural sand and gravel, and are widely used in construction, municipal, transportation and other construction projects. What equipment is needed for sand making?


Sand production equipment line



A sand production line generally includes feeding-crushing-sand making-sand washing-sieving-conveying  and other links,  and each  link  has different equipment.


(1) Feeding equipment


The vibrating feeder can evenly and continuously transport the material to the crushing chamber of the crusher. It should be noted that the feeding speed must be well controlled, too fast will easily cause material blockage of the crusher, and too slow will cause idling.


(2) Crushing equipment


There are many kinds of crushers, and different crushers have different applicable materials and conditions. Take jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher as examples to introduce.


1) Jaw Crusher


Jaw crusher is a head-type crushing equipment, mainly used for rough crushing of stone. It is good at crushing soft and hard stones with particle size less than 1200mm and compressive strength less than 320MPa. Jaw crushers are widely used in large particle stone processing and large stone factories.


2) Cone Crusher


As secondary crushing equipment, the cone crusher is often used in conjunction with the jaw crusher. It is used for medium and fine crushing of materials. The cone crusher is good at processing hard materials due to its stable operation, good wear resistance and strong lamination crushing and strong crushing capacity.


3) Impact Crusher


secondary crushing equipment. The impact crusher realizes the crushing of materials through the action of impact force. The crushed material has a good particle shape, the output particle size is adjustable, and the crushing specifications are various. Also, based on its crushing characteristics, crushing medium-hard, brittle materials is recommended to reduce replacement costs


4) Hammer Crusher


Single stage crushing equipment. One-time crushing and one-time molding are the outstanding advantages of hammer crushers. The hammer crusher can directly crush materials with a particle size of 600-1200mm to 40mm without secondary crushing. The hammer crusher also adopts the principle of impact, so it is more suitable for crushing materials below medium hardness.


(3) Sand making machine


The functions of the sand making machine include two types of sand making and shaping, which correspond to the two operation modes of “stone-on-iron” and “rock-on-rock”. At present, the impact sand making machine can fully combine the two working principles, the material is fully crushed in the crushing chamber, the sand particles are evenly graded, the grain shape is excellent, and the gradation is reasonable, which meets the construction sand standard.


(4) Sand washing machine


Bucket wheel sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine are two commonly used sand washing equipment. The main purpose is to remove impurities in sand and gravel by water washing, improve the grade of sand and gravel, enhance the competitiveness of sand and gravel, and expand the market for sand and gravel.


(5) Screening conveyor


The vibrating screen is used for screening and grading of materials, mainly using the reciprocating rotation vibration generated by vibration excitation. The conveyor belt plays the role of carrying and transporting materials in rice sand production, and connects the entire production line.

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